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In a world existing in its own reality is a land filled to the brim with life and adventure. It is a very large landmass, taking up a majority of one of the planet's hemispheres. Split in half by a tall mountain range and a wide lake, there are urban cities and neighborhoods on one side, and on the other side are rural villages, wild areas, and a desert between a snow-capped mountain and an active volcano, where brave denizens love to explore and have epic adventures. Welcome to Imaginationland.
Angi's Adventures in Imaginationland is a web original action-adventure fantasy animated series in development about a young adventurer and her friends set in this land of magic and imagination. Episodes are in progress and will be released on Saturdays and will be available to watch on the Cartoon Videos page. For an overview of the cast, please check out the Characters page linked above.

The Team

The people behind the cartoon

Angi K

Creator, Site Owner
Does almost everything in the production.
Voices: Angi


Real Life Friend, Administrator
Voices: Chantilly

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