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Updated 8/21/2017

About the Series

  1. What is this series about?

    It's about the titular character and her group of friends and the crazy adventures they all get mixed up in. Dashes of silly slapstick comedy are in the mix too.

  2. Where and when does the series take place?

    It takes place in Imaginationland, a cultural and geographical mixture of modern day and fantasy. The country is located on what could be called an Alternate Universe version of Planet Earth, and is the most historically similar to this universe's Earth's United States of America.

    The first season takes place in the year 2005.

  3. Why is it simply called "Imaginationland?"

    If I can be completely honest here, I've had the premise of the animated series set in my mind for FAR longer than when I started putting it down in a public, tangible form, and changed and added a bit to it. I don't really want to change some of those things now after keeping them for so long, however I will change the things I no longer like as much.

  4. Why did you base the main character off of yourself?

    I drew on my own personality, appearance, except for de-aging to 14 years, and a little bit of history for inspiration for a main character of a series. And as I said previously, the main character was one of the things in the original premise that have been in my head for a long time, and don't want to change, even the name. Plus it's easier for creators to write who and what they know, and who do creators know better than themselves amirite? :P

  5. What computer programs do you use?

    For the artwork, graphic designs, and illustations, I use Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor and GIMP Image Editor. I used to use Paint Shop Pro 5, an old version from before Corel Corperation bought Paint Shop Pro from Jasc Software, but I stopped, because I'm moving away from using Windows programs. The scanned pencil comics were cleaned up with MS Paint. For animations, I use Synfig Studio. I used to use Tupi: Open 2D Magic and Pencil2D, which are also free and open-source. The Personal Learning Edition of Toon Boom Animate 2 and Vectorian Giotto aren't available for Linux. For my writing endeavors, I use the LibreOffice suite, mainly Writer, Calc, and Impress. I also use Mousepad. For the visual novels, I use the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. For other types of games and apps, I just program in Python and Pygame, used to sometimes supplement Ren'Py. I'm still experimenting with RPG game creators, so there isn't an exact one I use yet.

  6. Do you do requests?

    Yes I do! I do artwork and animation requests, but animations take quite a long time to make, MUCH longer than artwork requests. You can also buy artwork and animation commissions from the Web Store! Commissions will generally have more effort put into them than requests.

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About the Site

  1. How often do you update?

    I have a  schedule. Every Monday, I update the Blog and add information to the pages that need it. Every Wednesday, I add artwork to the Cartoon Art page. Every Friday, I stream live on Twitch. Every Saturday, I upload an animation (and/or, as of 7/8/2013 animation progress) video to the Cartoons page. I tend to slip up from this schedule, so I apologize when I do.

    There is an RSS feed on the blog if you want to stay updated.

  2. What happened to the sidebar?

    I took it off. With the new design and Site Builder for Webs, it's pointless to have a sidebar if it only appears on, like, four pages. Everything that was on the sidebar has been moved to the Home page.

  3. I have a question that isn't in this FAQ.

    You can ask me any question about the site or the series either on my Discord server, on the form on the Important Info page, on my Tumblr, or via email! I answer questions from time to time, and I'll answer yours too!

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